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July 14, 2011

July 15 Full Moon – Peak of Political Power Plays?

News headlines frequently mirror simultaneous astrological occurrences. Current discussions about the US economy and its global impact, raising the national debt limit, tackling the deficit and addressing the gap between revenue and spending are all associated with the planet Pluto, which rules shared finances. Things are coming to a head around the July 2011 Full Moon. Full Moons are often a marker for a peak or culmination, sometimes a completion. The Moon at 22-1/2 degrees of Capricorn is opposite (by definition) the Sun at 22-1/2 degrees Cancer. The influence of a Full Moon stretches a few degrees before and after its point of exactness.

Looking at the USA chart for July 4, 1776 (no matter what birth time you use – and astrologers debate about that!), the country’s birth position for Pluto is at 27-1/2 degrees of Capricorn, while the Mercury position is around 24 degrees of Cancer. In addition, the USA Mercury is in the apparent backward motion called Retrograde, famous for re-visiting a topic. Mercury across from Pluto shows how the country frequently has opposing views on how to handle its finances and care for its people (nurturing is related to Cancer). The current Full Moon points right to this conflict and should mean some kind of conclusion, at least for this round of discussions, though the topic will arise again and again.

Approximately half-way between the USA’s Mercury and Pluto, forming a tough pattern called a T-square with them is the USA’s Chiron. This asteroid, nicknamed the “wounded healer,” shows where difficulties arise and gives clues to resolving them. The USA Chiron in Aries points to selfishness as a sticking point. Everyone wants his slice of the American pie! The upside of Aries is being bold and fresh. New solutions are needed because what’s been tried isn’t working.

Adding a monkey wrench to the process is the very slow-moving newly discovered little planet, Eris (a troublemaker in mythology). It is now around 22 degrees of Aries, turning up the volume on arguments. At this Full Moon, the Moon and Sun are in a nearly exact T-square pattern with Eris. This Full Moon is the peak of a cycle that began at the July 1 New Moon at 9 degrees of Cancer, across from the USA birth position of Eris at 8 degrees of Capricorn, reinforcing the present Eris involvement. Eris also indicate strong, powerful (and perhaps angry) women. Will it be the women in the legislature who lead the way?

[A side note, nothing to do with economics or politics. This week’s highlights in my Janet’s Plan-its 2011 Celestial Planner says: “look for well-known women protesting as well as news about women in the military or leadership positions.” This described the July 11 entry of the woman-related dwarf planet, Ceres, into Aries, a sign associated with athletics and competitions. The USA women’s soccer team, on a roll since then, plays in the world final game July 17. Again, the news reflects the cosmic weather: “as above, so below.”]

Although this Full Moon is not an eclipse, it is the culmination of a cycle that began with a Solar Eclipse - and a rare type at that. It began a totally new Saros Cycle, which is a series of 72 related eclipses occurring every 18 years over a period of 1300 years. They spiral around the earth’s surface, each a third of the world’s circumference beyond the one before it. The cycle begins with partial eclipses near one pole that become total when occurring closer to the equator, then receding to partial eclipses as they approach the end of the cycle at the opposite pole. This entire new cycle will carry the flavor of the current astrological tides as a subtext to the evolving energies of future related eclipses.

The key feature at the July 1 eclipse was a pattern as formidable as a T-square and similar to it, with the empty spot across from the middle planet filled in to form a Grand Cross. Three heavy-duty slow planets are traveling in a T-square. They were roughly in this relationship a year ago, when many astrologers expected a market crash and economic downturn at the end of July 2010. It didn’t happen then, but we’re back to a tension level and situation where it’s threatened again. Uranus (famous for unpredictability and rebelliousness) and the financial planet, Pluto, are slowly heading for their exact stand-off, a friction-producing 90-degree square in 2012. (More on that in future blogs!) Meanwhile Saturn (planet of responsible maturity) is moving through Libra (and the empty spot of the USA T-square) creating a T-square that’s strong for several more weeks. The eclipse Sun and Moon filled in the empty spot of that T-square, at 9 degrees of Cancer (exactly 90 degrees from the USA Eris).

Saturn is a planet of karma, bringing rewards (or punishment) for behavior. It’s also the planet signaling definitions and regulations. Uranus rules the masses and humanitarian leanings. Pluto, like its name implies, is associated with plutocracy, control by those with assets and power. Here we have an indication of the conflicting interests between the masses and the ruling classes, what the media calls class warfare. The Cancer Moon and Sun indicate the caring role the government, as representatives of the people, plays for the collective. This is the time for that role to be defined.

One of the obstacles to finding common ground between the warring parties is the Republican party’s refusal to even consider any form of tax increase to bridge the revenue-spending gap. Almost to a man (or woman), Republicans in Congress have signed an anti-tax pledge foisted on them by someone who wields more influence than most elected officials: Grover Norquist. As head of a group called Americans for Tax Reform, he can dole out or withhold campaign contributions from the moneyed minority and corporations who stand to benefit from low taxes on them. Basically they are pledging allegiance to their contributors rather than their nation and constituents. Mr. Norquist’s Sun at 26 degrees of Libra forms a Grand Cross with the USA Mercury-Chiron-Pluto T-square. He stymies balancing the USA budget. Without ever increasing taxes, this can only be done at the (literal) expense of the vast majority of the non-rich. So we’ll see how America defines itself. Is it still a nation of majority rule?

The degrees in question show up in the charts of other key players in the debate: House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R, VA), Lunar Nodes at 22 Cancer/Capricorn; John Boehner, Speaker of the House (R, OH), Jupiter 27 Capricorn; Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader (R, NV), Saturn at 25 Aries; Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader (D, CA), North Node at 21 Libra; Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, Lunar Nodes at 25 Capricorn/Cancer, Uranus at 22 Cancer, Mars and Neptune at 25 Libra; and both President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (born 2 weeks after Obama) with Saturn at 25 Capricorn. Will Rand Paul (R, KY) call for a filibuster in the Senate? Probably not. He has no planets in the 22-27 degree range of the pertinent signs.

The debt ceiling date of August 2 is the day Mercury begins another backward jaunt. The US has been dumb before. Will going into default by failure to quit bickering be the latest and greatest mistake? Doesn’t look likely. Fortunately, the degree range for this retrograde doesn’t poke at the zodiacal trouble spots for the US economy. But you can’t bank on that.