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December 22, 2009

Winter Craziness

No, you’re not crazy - though you may feel like you’re going in that direction! The planets are making it seem like everything is harder than it has to be and takes longer than you think it should (adding to the sense that time is moving faster). You don’t get as much accomplished as you hoped you would. You’re running behind. Join the club.

Mars, the go-go-go planet, just appeared to stop in its tracks and turn backwards on Dec. 20. Its normally speedy friend Mercury (nicknamed Quicksilver) is also screeching to a halt and reversing direction on Dec. 26, bringing us another round of Mercury Retrograde until Jan. 15. Under these influences, it’s no surprise so many people are impatient and frustrated, making the holidays even crazier than usual. Add in the ongoing tension between a push for progress and a reluctance to abandon the ways we’ve grown accustomed to, and there are plenty of ugly emotions to go around. You can practically slice the tension in the air.

Mars is in dramatic and fiery Leo, lending a sense of royal entitlement. No one feels like being at the back of the line and it’s easy to display displeasure. Mercury in Capricorn ordinarily helps us keep everything organized and under control. However, it’s bumping heads with that troublesome new planet out past Pluto, Eris. In mythology, she’s Mars’ bitchy sister, known for spreading chaos and discord. Mercury is in a friction-producing 90-degree relationship (square) to Eris from Dec. 22-30. So chill out. That shouldn’t be hard to do with the cold temperatures at this time of year!

Here’s a look at what to expect this winter season, excerpted from my 2010 Janet’s Plan-its Celestial Planner:

Winter 09-10 (12/21/09 - 3/20/10)
The pace of major changes over the past couple of years slows down a bit, allowing us to catch our breath and do some healing. Emotions are unusual in some way, most likely exaggerated, and better understood by discussing them, even if that isn’t easy to do. We seek concrete reasons but some things defy explanation. Try to leave anger and selfishness out of the conversation. Relationships work best when built on a platform of friendship and laced with a liberal dose of humor and sympathy. This is not the best season to begin something new. Instead, continue projects already in process. Watch your spending; money will slip through your fingers if you’re not careful.

To see my 2010 Forecast, watch my tv show, Looking Up.

The year will end with a bang! On New Year's Eve day, there's a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - or should I say, a lunatic eclipse? The energy is pretty crazy, so be extra careful on the roads that night. Have a safe, healthy New Years!

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