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August 9, 2011

Wisconsin’s Recall Election from an Astrological Angle

Two powerhouse planets are nearing an important turning point after completing about a quarter of their cycle of 115 (or so) years that began in the turbulent Sixties. Rebellious Uranus is approximately 90 degrees past plutocratic Pluto (in a relationship called a square, meaning at cross purposes). This relationship symbolizes well the current insanity in the markets (Uranus relates to volatility and Pluto to investments) and the special recall election in Wisconsin, a referendum on right wing warfare against the middle class (Uranus means “the people”) and a test of the influence of big money and power (Pluto again) to affect elections. This square was a weak 10 degrees from exact at the election in Nov. 2010 (and the population was not riled up at that point), then a stronger 8 degrees from exact the night the Wisconsin legislature shoved through its anti-union law on Feb. 25, 2011 (amidst massive demonstrations), and is a potent one degree from exact at the Aug. 9, 2011 recall election (expected to have record turnout despite efforts to make it harder to vote).

The dwarf planet Ceres was only 4 degrees from Pluto at the election in Nov. 2010 when the Republican Governor Scott Walker was elected. Ceres relates to protective agencies like the police and firefighters who are among the targets of his union-busting agenda. (Ceres also relates to commodities markets.) Nothing had been said in his campaign to indicate any problem for these groups. On August 9, 2011, Ceres is at 0 degrees Aries, the first degree of the zodiac, often associated with big news and events of far-reaching impact. This time, it’s only 4 degrees from Uranus, representing the masses, both in Aries, a sign of anger and action. As goddess of harvests, Ceres’ symbol is the sickle (picture angry masses of workers brandishing sickles – or maybe not since that sounds like Russian Communists but these are teachers and peaceful democratic middle class people). Together with Uranus, ruler of lightning and electricity, they are about to deliver a shock and make history. As the polls open for the recall election in the state’s capitol, Retrograde Mercury (the planet of communication in its phase of apparent backward motion) is rising in the chart (a position of emergence and visibility). Mercury Retrograde is perfect for a “do-over” and a step in the opposite direction.

Astrologers might argue this point, but I contend Saturn (planet of authority and elder status) represents conservatives and Jupiter (planet of open-mindedness and eternal learning) represents progressives. At the opening of the polls for the Nov. 2010 election as well as the night the anti-union law passed in Feb. 2011, Saturn was rising toward the upper reaches of the chart (gaining in power) while Jupiter was dropping lower in the chart (waning in influence). (In fact on the night the law passed, Jupiter and Saturn were 10 degrees from an exact stand-off opposite each other.) On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, as the recall election commences, the reverse is true: Jupiter is high in the sky and Saturn is low. This is another clue as to which way the wind will blow. I will be surprised if the Democrats don’t retake the state Senate. Even if it’s only “close but no cigar,” the solidarity of the middle class is sending a message to Republican governors across the nation that workers are “mad as hell and not going to take it any more.”


Moriarty said...

The police and fire unions were exempted from all anti union legislation.

They were not the target of any union-busting agenda.

You are hard to take seriously when you obviously never read the bill.

Janet Booth said...

That is true, I did not read the bill. I accept your criticism (as a Libra, I try to be fair). I saw the police and firefighters protesting so I figured they were under attack. Must have just been sympathizing with others who were. But I stand by my comment that Uranus square Pluto represents people protesting against power.

DMH said...

Wisconsin is on the verge of deciding the final recall results. Walker, born 11-2-67 in Colorado Springs at 11:12 am (solar eclipse that day) is being challenged in a redo by Mayor Tom Barrett, born 12-8-53, time unknown to me. The election will be on June 5th, 2012. I can't figure out who will prevail. And it does not matter if the police and firefighters were exempt - union members, even private union members, know where he wants to take Wisconsin. The man challenging Walker's incumbent Lieutenant Governor is no less than the head of the Firefighter's union. Walker has stated his approach is "divide and conquer", and with Mars on his Rising sign, square transiting Uranus, that's what he is trying to do. His stelliums in Scorpio and Virgo make him fanatical, ruthless and vindictive, and he lacks perspective for other viewpoints. I am very concerned about this election.

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