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October 29, 2008

Ancient Science and Art of Astrology

Welcome to the ancient - and modern - science and art of astrology!

The vast field of astrology seems to have as many facets as the universe has stars! It's not my intention to duplicate the great work being done elsewhere on the internet. I'll just be adding my thoughts and perspectives. This section will be updated with new articles - so visit again periodically.

If you're new to astrology, you'll probably want to read about the basic building blocks of charts, namely signs, planets, houses and aspects. There are a few keywords for each in my Astrologer's Apprentice Cheat Sheet (a great tool to have handy as you learn more about chart reading!) and a number of articles in my STUDY BOOTH. If you're trying to understand your chart for the first time, see Understanding a Chart.

Some good resources can be found on sites like: has a Crash Course about the "Basics" provides a number of articles on fundamentals

Whether or not you know any astrology, you can benefit from knowing what's going on with the planets, so see my forecasts in JANET'S PLAN-ITS. It will clue you in to good days, challenging days, what you can expect during a Moon Cycle. It gives you a "heads up" so you can take advantage of positive energies and try to avoid the pitfalls of difficult times.

Mary Plumb, reviewer for The Mountain Astrologer, praised my calendars as a great tool for those interested in learning about astrology.

My INFORMATION BOOTH lists two articles that are particularly helpful to the general public or newcomers to astrology:
MAKING PROGRESS - ASTROLOGICALLY (about the astrological technique called "Progressions")
YOUR PERSONAL MOON CYCLES (about your 29-year cycles of growth - this is related to Progressions, so read this after you've read MAKING PROGRESS - ASTROLOGICALLY)

And what's astrology without astronomy, too? It's fun to see what's going on in the heavens. Check out my "EYE ON THE SKY" comments.

I began my studies of astrology in 1976 and haven't been bored once in all these years. I hope your journey in the exploration of this cosmic science will be equally enjoyable.

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Krista Wells said...

I really enjoy your blog and as a career counselor its so great to hear someone so enthusiastic about their career! Never bored once in all these years says a lot!