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October 29, 2008

Welcome! Janet Booth's Astrology Blog - Janet's Plan-its calendar author

Hello, and welcome to my first blog ~

For years my aim in astrology has been to "take it to the streets." I specialize in making a complex subject easy to understand for people who have no background in the technical INs and OUTs of the study of the stars. Check back often for views from an experienced astrologer who likes to share and teach.

For instance, my Janet's Plan-its easy-to-use astrology calendars have been popular for years with people who want the quick low-down on the celestial influences daily and weekly. Many of my customers once used Llewellyn's or Jim Maynard's astrology calendars, but prefer mine because I translate the planets' movements into English. Instead of looking at a bunch of symbols that you have to figure out, I've distilled what you need to know about each week and each day into a quick read. Of course, being the teacher I am, I also include a section that explains the connections between the planets, many of which occur in a series of three times stretched out across weeks or months due to a zigzag phenomenon called Retrograde. For more advanced aficianados of astrology, I offer some handy reference tools, like my 2008 On a Page bar chart of the planets' movements, available as a free down-load pdf.

My calendar is a great starting point for selecting the best time for an endeavor or activity, a process called "electional astrology" - which refers not to an election like we have on November 4, but electing an astrologically appropriate time. For those not versed in astrology, I can do an election for you. That's one of the many services you'll find in the Sales Booth at my website, There are some cool gift certificates for my readings that you can customize - perfect for any occasion.

In the Study Booth at my website, you'll find free articles introducing you to the various building blocks of astrology, as well as my popular "Astrologer's Apprentice Cheat Sheet" (another free download pdf file), which has symbols and keywords for the most common chart components. Check out my great links and my recommended reading list. I also offer conference call classes at reasonable rates and private tutoring.

No matter what level your interest in astrology, we can "talk."