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November 16, 2008

Why I love astrology

The Universe is a thing of beauty beyond our imaginations. Every time I see the photographs the Hubble telescope sends back, I marvel at what Creation has wrought. If it isn't infinite, its finitude is certainly of an incomprehensible and unmeasurable magnitude. And in the midst of all this magnificence, still each of us can feel special and much more than an insignificant speck, feel connected to something so much bigger than ourselves. We haven't even scratched the surface of understanding our Universe or our place in it. Working within the confines of our solar system - our star's little corner of the Universe - we can get glimpses and inklings of its workings. That's one of the topics we explore in astrology, how the intricate and ever-changing dance of the planets around our star with us along for the ride on one of satellites, seems to indicate timing for the seasons of our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Janet - This is you talking to you. See if this comes through. JB

JEB STAR said...

I love astrology because I know Janet Booth and she makes astrology loveable!

She is a modern-day ATHENA!